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Counselling and Coaching for Weight Management in Winchester

Welcome to my website and I hope you feel inspired to take the first step and contact me.

I can help anyone who would like counselling and coaching to lead a healthier lifestyle, for example people who need support whilst losing weight, people who want an end to yo-yo dieting and people who want support to retain their desired weight.

You might be going to the gym or a slimming club but still struggle to be your desired weight. You may know you need to lose weight for health reasons but lack motivation. You may want to be a good role model for your children or partner but something is holding you back.

Counselling can help you understand your emotional relationship with food and coaching can help you decide and achieve your weight management goal. I'll give you non-judgemental support as long as you need it to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle where you can enjoy your food.

Weight management and weight loss counselling in easy reach of Winchester, Alresford and Southampton from an established wellness coach
with an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management.

Free initial 30 minute consultation in person or by phone tel 07745 585518

Client feedback

For almost 40 years of my life I have been overeating, binging and dieting.
The affects had caused untold damage to my body, self esteem and
confidence. After a particular period of desperation and confusion of why I
kept returning to food as a crutch I contacted Miranda for help.

I flicked through the Internet looking for counsellors that specialised in
eating disorders. Luckily I found Miranda at the beginning of my search. I
arranged a taster session with her and knew instantly she would be someone
I could talk to freely. Miranda created a safe environment to talk in. Even
after our first meeting issues came to the surface that I had never thought
of. Looking for the source of my bad eating habits revealed many events in
my past that have triggered off those bad habits.
In all parts of my life we looked at where, when, what and why I ate the
food I do.
Miranda has a very calming, integral and motivational personality. Her
gentle but no nonsense approach allowed me to tell her in depth how I felt.

I feel now I have a great foundation and more awareness so that I can lose
weight properly and safely.
I would heartedly recommend Miranda as a counsellor . You will learn things
about yourself you never knew or had long forgotten. - S

Client feedback

Just a note Miranda to thank you for your professionalism, commitment and support throughout my counselling sessions with you. At the age of 44 I came to you in desperation, having suffered with disordered eating throughout my entire life. I was binge eating almost daily and purging on occasions as well and putting on so much weight I was worried about my health. I was embarrassed and anxious….but I shouldn’t have been. I immediately felt comfortable with you and for the first time in my life, felt able to be brutally honest about the things that were troubling me. It was hard work and painful at times, but gradually I felt more and more in control of my eating, rather than it controlling me. I have since lost 2 stone, haven’t binged or purged in 4 months and have a whole new outlook on life. I am not there yet and I still have bad days, but I now know that these will pass. My self confidence has grown to the extent that I finally believe that I can do this and I am able to talk to those close to me about my relationship with food, rather than it being a ‘dirty secret’. So thank you Miranda – I would recommend you to anyone struggling with their relationship with food……you provide a safe place to explore these difficult issues, with a little challenge thrown in as well!

Thank you so much, Lin

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